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Frustrated with your current eCommerce strategy not moving the needle on your sales, or even seeing them decline for unexplained reasons? It’s time to stop pouring resources into tactics that don’t deliver. Waving pandas is here to provide your online sales efforts with a distinct edge! Our team of eCommerce marketing specialists is dedicated to fostering the growth of your online store comprehensively. Unlike other agencies that might concentrate on just a single aspect or market, we develop customized, sales-centric campaigns across Google, Amazon, and Bing. Our approach spans numerous marketplaces, aiming to capture a wide audience and enhance conversion rates significantly. In an environment where a staggering 82% of companies are leveraging PPC advertising, possessing a competitive and intelligent marketing strategy becomes crucial, particularly within the e-commerce domain. Choose Waving pandas as your ally to amplify your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), boost immediate traffic, and secure a dominant presence in search engine results with our expert eCommerce PPC management services. Discover how our e-commerce PPC offerings can elevate your sales instantly by requesting a complimentary proposal today!

If you identify with this, our E-commerce PPC services are tailored for you

The market is saturated with numerous competitors offering similar products or services.

You're seeking methods to boost sales while staying within your budget constraints!

Your current advertisements are failing to generate impressions or clicks.

Worried about receiving more targeted inquiries regarding the products or services you provide

You lack the time to wait for SEO experts to deliver results.

You desire increased brand recognition among a wider audience.

Supercharge online orders with our PPC management services

Navigating the crowded e-commerce landscape can be a daunting task for business owners and retailers globally. Simply having a website or social media presence is no longer enough to stand out in a sea of millions vying for customer attention. This is where the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy comes into play, ensuring your offerings reach the right audience effectively. Utilizing advanced e-commerce PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns not only allows for targeted advertising but also provides the agility to adapt based on performance insights. Partnering with specialized e-commerce PPC providers like us means embarking on a journey of strategic channel selection, continuous performance monitoring, and tailored strategy development to elevate your store’s visibility and sales. Our team of PPC experts is dedicated to delivering optimal results through meticulous planning and execution, ensuring your e-commerce business achieves its maximum potential.

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E-commerce PPC Campaign Excellence

From the outset, we tailor a unique PPC strategy, beginning with extensive research into your business, market, and competitors, aligning closely with your brand, audience, and objectives. This preparation underpins the development of a holistic e-commerce PPC plan, incorporating precise keyword and audience targeting, ad groups, landing pages, and compelling ad copies, ensuring your campaign's success. We enhance your visibility through meticulous product feed setup and optimization, ensuring listings are rich with details like category, brand, and specifications, ready for platforms such as Google Shopping and Amazon. Launching your PPC campaign involves market analysis, keyword selection, and crafting targeted ad copies that captivate and convert, supported by strategic bid management for budget efficiency. Continuous A/B testing and analytics allow for constant refinement of your PPC efforts, analyzing key metrics like ad spend, bounce rate, and user behavior to optimize campaign performance. Our commitment to transparency and progress includes regular, detailed reporting and strategic insights to keep you informed and your campaigns on the forefront of PPC success.

Why Waving Pandas for Your E-commerce PPC Goals?

Data-Driven Approach

Our digital marketing agency’s PPC experts leverage a wealth of data from diverse sources to precisely target your audience and optimize bids. We prioritize making well-informed, experienced decisions over taking shots in the dark.

Fluid PPC Campaign Structures

The PPC management experts at Waving Pandas ensure that your topselling products consistently appear prominently to potential buyers actively searching for or interested in your offerings.

Sales & ROI Focused

Clients come to us facing a decline in traffic and sales. At Waving Pandas, our commitment is to elevate every client’s website traffic, sales, and return on investment. For us, generating clicks and impressions is just the beginning; our ultimate aim is to enhance your business’s profitability.

Expertise & Experience

With over 15 years of flourishing presence in the digital marketing realm and a dynamic team of more than 200 experts, we’ve honed the skills and knowledge essential for aligning with your business objectives and driving robust, flourishing results.

Escape copy-paste failures, transform your business growth

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    Frequently Ask Questions ?

    We work from Monday to Friday (GMT+8) and we’re closed on weekends. If you need something done super fast, you can always choose 24-hour delivery time. Even though it’s a little bit more expensive, this package covers the weekends also.

    All you have to do is place an order. After that, you will complete an intake form with all the important information and as soon as we finish the ad, we’ll send it back to you.

    We stay current on social platform submission rules to create video ads in accordance with their policies. However, if they reject your ad, we’ll improve your ad free of charge.

    If you request a refund within 30 minutes of your order, we will refund your order immediately. This is a tight window because we often begin your order soon after it has been placed. 

    Once we create your video, we do not issue refunds. We do provide revisions to give you the best possible video for your social advertising. 

    For every order you get 3 free revisions and all revisions are done in less than 48h (2 business days). 

    We have a dedicated support team available for all your questions and needs. If you need anything, simply contact our support team from our contact page or send a message in your order comments.